Thursday, October 27, 2011

Shame in Oakland

The shameful police assault against the Occupy Oakland citizen action deserves widespread condemnation. Email the Oakland Police Department and tell them as much:

They also have a "Quality of Service" page on their website where citizens can report police misconduct (among other things):

Sample Text:

"Mr. Howard Jordan and all members of the Oakland Police Department,

"Appalling" comes to mind when reading accounts of the Oakland Police Department's aggressive and punitive actions against peacefully-assembled United States citizens. "Shameful" and "disgraceful" seem apt as well. That your assault critically injured an Iraq War Veteran simply deepens the shame your department deserves. Millions across the nation have seen and read about your debased conduct and we decry it.

This citizen's voice urges you to refrain from further violent actions against fellow citizens practicing their constitutional rights to free speech and freedom of assembly. You should be protecting these people, not attacking them."

Don't remain silent. If you can't join an Occupy action, speak up using the technological means at your disposal.

Oakland Police Assaulting US Citizens, October 26, 2011

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