Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Occupy October; Todd Gitlin the Fart

Todd Gitlen did not distinguish himself today on Tom Ashbrook's broadcast that focused on the Occupy Movement. The former SDS president, while guardedly encouraging of the movement in general, ruled out the idea of a third party, belittled Ralph Nader (see Chris Hedges' The Death of the Liberal Class on the 'Nader cost Gore the election' canard and obfuscation) and urged the Occupy Wall Street movement to throw its weight behind the Democrats and electoral politics within an established two party system. Gad.

By contrast, the Occupy Wall St guests/representatives Bre Lembitz (NY), Jon Phoenix (Northeastern, Boston) and Peter Kuhns (LA), demonstrated vision and integrity, collective mindsets not yet closed and determined. We need imagination and vision, not faith in the Democrats.

See also: James Howard Kunstler's second pointed rant in as many weeks.

Dewey Square Sunday, October 9 Boston

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