Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dollars Against the Wars, Frame #11

The last frame. The last three dollars of $33 against the miserable fucking wars. This is the unexpurgated post, the rant piece, the unfettered invective, as in;

Fuck Obama and his Afghanistan War expansion;

Fuck Bush & Co for Iraq, that cataclysmic crime against humanity, he and his people should be tried before an international court of justice and compelled to answer for their depravity;

Fuck both cowardly political parties for endlessly hand-jobbing the military industrial complex (a term that, come to think of it, obscures and obfuscates the true nature of that 'industry' which is, in reality, the industry of war profiteering);

and yeah, and Fuck the "security contractor" mercenaries employed by US in Iraq and Afghanistan;

and just for good measure, Fuck the covert & overt drone operations murdering people in Pakistan and Yemen and elsewhere.

Three last dollars that went into the great yawning hungry maw of homelessness in D.C. and across the country, this permanent fucking war economy is killing people.

Dollars Against the Wars

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