Monday, March 21, 2011

Dollars Against the Wars, Frame #2

Imagine what these three meager dollars might get you if you're hungry in one of America's big cities. Like Washington D.C., for example. What would the woman who approached me for "spare change" outside Union Station around 7:30 Saturday morning March 19th buy with them? I doubt she headed inside the terminal for a grande soy latte at Starbucks (which these $3 wouldn't cover anyway).

But imagine how many lattes she could buy with a chunk of the cash going to Afghanistan! Even a single minute's worth of that loot would probably set her up for a while, as it would you or I. Have a look at this eye-popping tabulator at and watch the numbers tick over at sickening speed. 

What are we talking about? Try this: since 2001, 445.1 billion dollars have been allocated to wage war in that former home of the Bamiyan Buddhas, that famed graveyard of empires, Afghanistan.

Dollars Against the Wars

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