Sunday, March 20, 2011

Citizens Against the Wars: Scenes from D.C.

Anti-War Protest Marking the 8th Anniversary of the Invasion of Iraq, March 19, 2011

There were snipers on the roof of the White House keeping an eye on the people, and no doubt there were government snoops in the crowd recording our faces. It didn't matter.

The citizens against the fence in these photos were among more than 100 arrested in D.C. in one of many nation-wide actions opposing the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Ironically, while we citizens were expressing our opposition to the two ongoing wars, the US and European allies were starting a third by launching air strikes and missile strikes against Libya.

Few of us knew that at the time though earlier in the day a speaker at the rally that preceded the civil disobedience action had warned: "Libya has the most oil of any country in Africa. If the US goes into Libya, it's not coming out."

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