Friday, May 10, 2013

Atop Mt. Wachusett

Small patches of disgruntled snow still crusted some of the ski slopes but the main road to the summit (repaved last year) was clear. A fine spring day for climbing. Blue sky. Boston and Worcester visible in milky haze. The CIA and weather towers, fenced off, held no real menace. No raptors seen soaring on the thermals. No one else on top, a late Tuesday afternoon.

A Difficult Decision

View from the Summit

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  1. Disgruntled snow! Somebody just stepped on his toe in a crowd at the mall ... and why the change from white to yellow stripe? A graphic enhancement of the rider's quandry, the difficult decision to be made? Already made, last night, spinach in cream sauce with salmon, weight back over 85 kg this morning ... c'est la vie, oh mighty shad! Ride on, ride on!!

    S C R O D