Friday, December 10, 2010

Harry Crosby Death Day 2010

Happy 81st death anniversary, Harry, hope that worked out for you. And the Fire Princess too. Fools. has a very interesting and encouraging interview with Erik Rodgers, founder of String and a Can Productions.

There's also a cool illustration by Alastair from Red Skeletons but you can skip the boilerplate bio of Crosby, we've read it before and elsewhere and with much more nuance and perception.

Erik Rodgers, however, offers some of the most intelligent commentary on both Harry and Caresse Crosby out there, including:

"I actually came upon Caresse first, while developing a project on Salvador DalĂ­.  [My business partner] was intrigued by the idea of such an accomplished and independent female from that era, and started researching her life.   Of course as soon as she began reading about Caresse, she discovered Harry as well.  Their story captured her imagination, and she began relating to me some of the details as she read them. We both felt there was something vital and overlooked in their story, something that had been obscured by all the scandal and negative criticism."

Check out Black Sun: The Life and Death of Harry Crosby, A Play  presented by the Black Sun Players.


  1. Fascinating blog entry... from a Cape & Boston Crosby (and yes, the modern generation is about as mad and creative as old Harry was).

  2. Your comment is fascinating in its own right. For instance, what DO the descendants of Harry Crosby think? And it's interesting that you call him "old Harry" given that he was a young man when he died. That in itself hints that his place in the family memory tree has been passed down to younger generations. Tell me more, please.