Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Provincetown: Day 2

            From the Mailer Deck at Low Tide, August 18, 2010

Details! Details! Details! "The specific must reveal the grand canvas." And I think "No ideas but in things." 
Blakean minute particulars. "You are a guide in a foreign land."

And character. What did your character eat for breakfast? What did they want to eat for breakfast? And so on. The need to know each character. To really know them.

                Norman Mailer's Deck Chair, August, 2010


  1. If you want to see how details paint the broader canvas, you MUST read Haruki Murakami!!!! Talk about a MASTER..... GORGEOUSLY STUNNING pictures by the way.... Full of Mailer's ghostly presence....

  2. A tangent: seeing your pics of Mailer's home and belongings reminds me of my visit to Wilhelm Reich's home - now a museum - in rural Maine a few years ago. Walking around his home and workshop - "No photos, please!" - gave me an eerie time-capsule sensation; it was very Bauhaus, in a rural Maine kind of way. I don't have much interest in ghosts, but there was something haunted/haunting about it. I imagine your experience of Mailer's place must be similar.