Friday, June 18, 2010

Don't Cling

When Allen Ginsberg traveled in India in the early 1960s, he met a guru holy man who offered him a pearl of wisdom: 'If something good happens, don't cling to it. If something bad happens, don't cling to it.'
Such advice serves well the sports enthusiast. To avoid emotional devastation, fits of rage, and the bitter taste of disappointment, a sports fan must cherish as a gift the joy that comes with victory but must also abandon as unworthy of honor the hurt of defeat. In other words, embrace joy but don't cling to disappointment.
Game 7. Celtics 79. Lakers 83.
And this morning? Birds singing sweetly at 4:30 a.m., the soft sun rising into a clear sky and bathing the verdant landscape with life force. AH. Onward. With peace, humility, and enthusiasm.

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  1. Well yes my friend equanimity is all well and good but we still lost to the fing Lakers and the despised Kobe Bryant by 4 points...after blowing a 13 point lead in the 3rd. Rebounding, on both ends, was the key we did not have the lock for, and the size advantage played against us mightily.

    It was the Celtics game to lose from the 1st on. The maddening inconsistencies that plagued this team all year were in the end too much to over come. However it was a battle well fought, and it gave me great pleasure and entertainment all spring.

    Now I feel better, and will face the future with peace and elan. Onward Doner onward Blitzen!

    Peace Lescaret!