Thursday, May 20, 2010

With the Whackness

What's to be made of Floyd Landis? His bizarre 'admission' of past doping after years of vehement denials and his inflammatory accusations of drug use by other riders (including Lance Armstrong), offered without any substantive proof, strike the tone of desperation. He published a book called Positively False, solicited defense money from gullible cycling enthusiasts, spent years and millions of dollars trying to clear his name, and now this? Wild emails sent to "several cycling officials" describe a regimen that began in 2002 when he joined the US Postal squad. Tales of Armstrong handing him EPO and syringes in the foyer of Armstrong's Gerona, Spain home. It all sounds like a last ditch attempt to exact revenge, sour grapes for having been caught himself, for having disgraced himself and having his 2006 Tour de France title stripped from the record books.

This commentary by Jim Litke of the Associated Press is spot on.

The whole thing sucks because doping & cycling are yet again in the media spotlight. As if that is the only cycling story worth writing. It's a shame.

Other cycling news of the day - Lance crashed out of the Tour of California on the 5th stage. No serious injuries, just stitches and bruises. Still on track for the Tour de France.

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